About Us

The Salters’ Institute has an international reach. Chemistry has been our passion since we were founded in 1918. Since then, we have continued to promote excellence in the teaching and learning of chemistry and related-sciences. We connect learners and educators to opportunities that transform their perception of chemistry, what it can do, how it shapes our lives and the career pathways it offers. Chemistry opens doors.
Through our digital and in-person outreach, we provide creative, fun and inspiring spaces to explore chemistry, discover its potential as a subject, and recognise those who are using chemistry to make the world a better place.
One of the programmes delivered to achieve these goals includes our Festivals of Chemistry which date from the early 1990s. They have a long history of engaging learners with hands-on practical chemistry delivered at universities across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
The Salters’ Institute’s Festivals of Chemistry are aimed at 14-16 year olds. Our Festivals encourage learners to ‘Discover Chemistry’ and explore chemistry as a subject and as a pathway to many careers.