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Festivals of Chemistry

Festivals of Chemistry

Discover chemistry and immerse yourself in the breadth of possibilities opened by chemistry and the related sciences.

Stage 1

Use these videos and careers lesson plans during your science classes to delve into chemistry as a subject, learn more about its application in the real world and explore the different career pathways it offers.

Stage 2

Check out our university partners and access our in-school practical for schools that are not able to join us in person this year.

Stage 3

Put together a team and research, innovate, test and evaluate solutions in our Chemistry for Good Challenge, which looks at how to create sustainable cities and communities for the future.

Additional Resources

Immerse yourselves in the world of chemistry with videos of fun experiments, tours of university labs, mini lectures and much more.


how to get involved

Our Festivals of Chemistry are open to all schools and there are no costs to participate in any stage of the Festivals of Chemistry. To access the content please register on the Salters’ Institute website and you will be issued a log-in to this site along with a code for students to use on registration. Log-in here. Once registered you will have access to all content from Festivals 2021 onwards.

If you have registered to access our Festivals website in previous years, your login and password will still be valid.